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FITIGATORS seeks to provide a rendezvous for professionals in the legal field. Finding it difficult to put an effective exercise routine into your already busy schedule? You’re not alone! The focus is on “us” as a team. FITIGATORS intends to provide a comfortable environment where legal professionals meet to thrive physically and mentally. Through functional fitness programs designed by some of the areas top fitness trainers, FITIGATORS 40min exercise routines will help develop your individual fitness needs and capabilities. We make working out fun, while challenging you to be better and get stronger. Working out with your fellow FITIGATORS will tone and strengthen your body and your mind. Showing up is all that is required; the workouts are already established, trainers are there to guide you through the exercises and your colleagues are there to inspire and work with you! Come see what this Washington DC fitness class is all about!

Get out of the office during lunches! Bring your team and make it an office event! Break the cycle that the rest of corporate America is caught in. Improve your health one class at a time by skipping the fast food for lunch followed by that sluggish feeling in the afternoon. JUMPSTART your afternoon with FITIGATORS and see how just a couple of workouts per week can lower your chances of high cholesterol, diabetes, cancer, and weight management problems! FITIGATORS is the Washington DC fitness solution!

Because FITIGATORS is sponsored by Pro-Legal Services, it is a FREE program! Call or email us today to find out how to join!

*Due to the classes being held in the parks, class size is limited to 25 participants. Please, if you know you will be attending, email us to secure your place.Register here